Nihonshock is a blog that offers useful and enjoyable content for Japanese language learners, foreigners living in Japan, and anyone else with an active interest in the country.

The Wide Island View

The Wide Island View is the webzine written for and by members of The JET Programme in Hiroshima, Japan. Created in November 2006, the Wide Island View began as a PDF newsletter emailed to members every two months. In June 2009, the publication moved online and now posts fresh content every week. Generally speaking, the site is updated every Monday.

In addition to news and info … [ Read more ]


“Stippy” is an association of foreigners who have lived in Japan for so long that Japan now seems home. Stippy members know Japan more than some Japanese, and they want to tell you about this country from a Gaijins point of view. This homepage will be updated frequently with insightful explanations on the different, strange, and the down right weird parts of Japan that you … [ Read more ]


A blog that covers a variety of topics about learning Japanese with an emphasis on studying with the Nintendo DS.

Lynne’s Site

This site from Lynne Fiona Donaldson is a bit dated, but offers detailed diary-like entries of her JET experience. The site also has some other articles/pages that would be useful for those planning to live or already living in Japan (e.g What to take).

Japan Newbie

A guy named Harvey’s blog about things Japan.

Japanese for Life

This website is the personal web journal of Paul Davidson, intended primarily as a place to jot down discoveries made during the course of learning Japanese and living in Nagoya, Japan.

日本語 a go-go

A blog about “Stumbling through Japanese”


Tae Kim, the author of the useful Japanese guide to Japanese grammar offers up this site. What you will find here are tidbits about Japanese that he hopes will be useful for those studying the language. He plans to separate posts into three major categories: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The beginner category will talk about the fundamental principles of Japanese such as particles, parts of … [ Read more ]

Japanese News in Translation

“Blog for news stories from Japan that might or might not gain coverage in English-language sources. If you’re examining social trends in Japan and don’t have the primary language skills, let me know. Maybe I can help.”

Jonathon Delacour the heart of things

I’m not the biggest fan of blogs, but I somehow stumbled upon this one a while back and I actually was impressed with the writing and the topics covered – so much so that I decided to add an entire section on blogs. Fittingly, this is the first entry.

Alive in Kyoto

American writer living in Kyoto (duh).

Patrick Benny, the guy who created Petit Kanji (and helped me get EDICT and KANJIDIC into MySQL) has a blog here. It covers various topics, but the major focus is on music.