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I started this site simply because I have been an on-again, off-again student of the language myself. I have never really had much in the way of commercial aspirations for it. I put up a few Google ads here and there, but those earn me a pittance. No problem. Still, as the site has grown more popular (I am sending more than 500k emails per month), I am starting to strain the resources on the server I use to host this as well as other sites I run.

I have no plans to stop running this site or to ever charge for any content, but if you feel like I am providing a valuable service and would like to contribute any amount in appreciation, I would be happy to accept. 🙂

To donate, click below (PayPal or credit card). You can specify any amount you wish (I think $1.00 might be the minimum) and it will be received with great appreciation. [NOTE: I accept donations under the the corporate name Equinox Enterprises LLC]

If pennies or yen are a bit tight, you could consider supporting the site by linking to it from any blog or site you might run and by telling others you might know or study with about it.

Thanks for your support!