The Groundbreaking Female Artist Who Shaped Manga History

A new collection introduces English-speaking audiences to an overlooked Japanese cartoonist who smashed both gender and genre norms during her short life.


Scott Macpherson built this site to make resources for learners of Japanese and fans of manga as well as publicize events throughout Scotland. I think the most useful aspect of the site for many will be the Japanese scripts of the famous animated movies from studio Ghibli. Print or scroll through whilst you watch on DVD to gain a greater appreciation and an osmotic boost … [ Read more ]

Joe is Japanese

Joeisjapanese is an animated series about haafu Joe McCunney’s adventures in Japan – witty, dry and based on reality if you believe the advertising. At the moment there is only a single long teaser clip on the site, but well worth a look, and the English subtitles will help beginners follow along. High production values and good writing. [courtesy of]


This site offers up a series of short manga panels with translations and audio readings. The manga are listed by subject.

Shôjo Manga

Collection of material about Japanese comic books for girls and women. Includes an essay about the historical development of this genre of comics, a list of manga titles for girls, and a discussion of the facial look of manga characters. In English and Japanese. From a professor at Kyoto Seika University.

Reiko-chan’s Japanese for Anime-Lovers

This is a Japanese learning web site by Reiko Sakaguchi. I will teach you Japanese using my favorite Anime, Yu Yu Hakusho and Magic Knights RayEarth as learning materials. If you are a serious Anime fan and wish to understand what the characters are saying without reading the subtitles, but don’t have the time or the money to hire a tutor or to take Japanese … [ Read more ]

Common Japanese Terms in Anime

This site contains some of the common terms heard in anime and gives their explanations.