Jeffrey’s Japanese⇔English Dictionary Server

This has similar functionality as Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC (uses the same underlying dictionary files). I’m not entirely sure of the differences but I think they are mainly just cosmetic so you can decide which you are more comfortable using. Someone correct me if there are in fact major functional differnces.

Asian Language Terminology

Terminology for Chinese and Japanese writing styles, including history, detailed information, and Hiragana & Katakana charts.

Benjamin Barrett’s Japanese Lesson Pages

Several dozen short lessons on reading and writing the Japanese Hiragana writing system. Includes pronunciation cues, a Hiragana table, and words that use each letter.

Lycos Online Electronic Dictionary

Typical features of a denshi-jisho (wa-ei, ei-wa, kanji, etc.) but accessible online. You can also add the dictionary functionality directly to your browser.

Note: this site is in Japanese

Sixteen introductory Japanese lessons (for free) including pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary for each lesson. Also includes free online message board and link to a free Japanese/English dictionary online. Also has links to Japanese software and other useful Web sites.

Brian Rak’s Learn Japanese Page

This is a pretty basic site, but what makes it worth a studied visit is the “appendix articles” section. This section, designed with the intermediate student in mind, offers about a dozen articles that analyze and break down concepts that many beginning students find difficult to understand.

Joyo 96

Great site focuses on “…teaching Kana and the Japanese Ministry of Education’s Joyo Kanji since 1996”