Japanese Language School Database

Ross at Japanistry has created a Japanese language school database that contains the latest school information and lets you search by a range of criteria (location, course type, accommodation criteria) so that you can find the best school quickly and easily. According to Ross, there are a few other databases out there at the moment but they unfortunately contain dated information or are not easily … [ Read more ]

Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School

“Nowadays, Japanese language schools are facing a new era in which their values are being questioned. Within this context, we at Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School aim to give not only the meaning and information found in words through Japanese language education, but also an understanding of Japanese culture and the ways of thinking of Japanese people and their everyday life, through these experiences our … [ Read more ]

Japanese Online Institute (JOI)

JOI is an online Japanese school. Learn Japanese online in real time. Take online Japanese classes – group classes, private lessons, or JLPT lessons – from native, professional Japanese teachers.

Connect a headset to your PC or Mac (webcam optional), and you have an instant online Japanese school. Learn Japanese at your pace from professional Japanese teachers.

Language Course Finder

“With over 10,000 language schools teaching 88 languages in 115 countries, [this] is the largest online directory of language courses and language schools worldwide.” Search in many languages for language to learn and location of program. Also includes information about language tests and certificates, online learning resources, and related travel material. From a company that has produced a language learning guidebook since 1985. [LII Annotation] … [ Read more ]

MIT-Japan Program

The MIT Japan Program was established in 1981 with a small number of MIT students in science, engineering, and, later management. After spending two years learning the Japanese language these students were placed as interns in Japanese organizations: most of them stayed there for at least a year. From that small group, we grew. Up to now, over seven hundred young people went to Japan … [ Read more ]

Cornell FALCON Program

The Department of Asian Studies’ FALCON (Full-year Asian Language CONcentration) programs enable beginning students of Japanese to study in a concentrated and uninterrupted manner over a period of time long enough to gain working proficiency.

Editor’s Note: I have heard good things about this program, but be warned it is quite expensive…

Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education

The Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education is the certification body for what is commonly referred to as a “Japanese language school” intended for foreigners in Japan. If you plan to attend a specialized training college (vocational college), miscellaneous school or quasi-miscellaneous school that provides Japanese language education, be sure to confirm that it is a Japanese-language institute that meets specified standards and … [ Read more ]

Japanese Language Institute (JLI), IEC

The Japanese Language Institute (JLI) is managed by the International Education Center, which was established in 1947and authorized as a nonprofit organization by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The IEC is the parent organization of both the Japanese Language Institute and Nichibei Kaiwa Gakuin.

Editor’s Note: This is the school where I studied for one 10-week term. I highly recommend it. One very nice aspect … [ Read more ]