Reading Japanese Signs

Charles Kelly, Aichi Institute of Technology Professor and the man behind Charles Kelly’s Online Japanese Language Study Materials, has grabbed 900 photos of real life Japanese signs and stuck them on the web so people outside of Japan (or people in Japan who can’t pry themselves away from the computer) can practise reading them. The photos don’t come with translations (you have to do some … [ Read more ]

Charles Kelly’s Online Japanese Language Study Materials

This site offers an excellent assortment of free-to-use online study materials, including:
– Japanese-English Quizzes in Romaji
– Japanese Kana Quizzes
– Kanji Study
– Words from Japanese Newspapers in Order of Frequency
– CGI Flashcards: Randomly Chosen Japanese Words for Reading Practice
– Matching Quiz: Words You Should Know
– Reading Japanese Signs
– Japanese Language … [ Read more ]