The Real Japanese Podcast

Introducing “The Real Japanese Podcast: 日本語で話すだけのラジオです!” Episodes average at about 15 minutes long, making them short enough to be digestible, but long enough to be interesting and immersive. The host, Haruka, is a native speaker of Japanese who has a pretty active online presence accross many platforms as a Japanese teacher.

My favorite thing about this podcast is that Haruka releases a script of every … [ Read more ]

Japanese with Teppei and Noriko

You may already be familiar with Teppei and Noriko, the hosts of this new podcast. Teppei and Noriko are both experienced Japanese teachers who each have their own podcast. They’ve teamed up recently to help Japanese learners increase their listening skills by providing short, natural conversations in Japanese.

There is no English in the podcast but the two speak very clearly in simple, but natural sentence … [ Read more ]