debbie’s jpops lyrics

A collection of JPOP lyrics including the original and romaji.

Uta Map

Find lyrics to selected songs – mostly current hits I belive. The site is entirely in Japanese.

Cori’s J-POP Album Lyrics

Offers lyrics (mostly romaji with some English translations) sorted by artist. Also has links to other lyrics sites.

KIKU Lyrics

A pretty good collection of lyrics to popular Japanese pop music songs. No real rhyme or reason to their selections and some of the links don’t work properly but still a good site to check.

Pinky’s Collection of J-Pop Lyrics

A decent collection of romanized lyrics to a variety of Japanese popular music. Also contains Top 50 lists and some useful links.


offers some articles about the Japanese pop music scene and, most usefully, offers a large collection of JPOP lyrics translated into English (the source for many of the lyrics I have posted)