The Art of Being Ichiro

Is Ichiro really an enigmatic mystic from the Far East? Jim Caple explores the riddle — yes, the Mariners’ star keeps his bats in a humidor — and paints a shocking portrait. Ichiro is American as apple pie.

This site is “dedicated to discussion of Professional baseball (Pro Yakyu) in Japan.” It features statistics, team rosters, schedules, and a list of players back to 1996 with selected biographies. Also includes discussion forums and links to news and related information. Searchable. From an American fan who lives in Japan.

Sumo East and West

Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) documentary that “offers a rare opportunity to go inside the cloistered and highly secretive world of sumo, where the historical clash between East and West plays out in the story of the Western outsiders who have entered this quintessentially Japanese institution.” Features profiles of wrestlers, history, a recipe for chanko (staple dish of sumo wrestlers), annotated links, an … [ Read more ]


This was one of the premier sites for all things Sumo but stopped operations in 2002. The archive is still up however, and provides some great info. Especially useful sections (still) are the archive of the Sumo Guru and Sumo Spectator sections (including the excellent Sumo FAQ).

Sumo FAQ

This is the HTML version (with frames for easy navigation) of the Sumo FAQ from the now defunct SumoWeb. A GREAT place to learn all about Sumo (terms, history, heya system, rankings, etc.)

Nihon Sumo Kyokai

The Japan Sumo Association (Nihon Sumo Kyokai) is the “Official” web site for Sumo information.

Check out the archives of the Sumo Mailing List, as well as Makunouchi Banzuke from 1757 to the present.

Stefan Gelow’s Sumo page

Especially notable on this site is the Makunouchi Rikishi Database (Info about ALL top division sumotori since 1757 and ALL tournament wins since 1757). You can also download excel files with basho information and there is an interesting trivia and records section.

Bench Sumo