Another reason to migrate to Firefox – rikaichan, from Polarcloud.com , is a Firefox extension that displays a popup showing the English definition of Japanese words as your cursor passes over them. Enabled/disabled with a simple right mouse-click rikaichan is the perfect companion when you browse the 新聞、朝日新聞 or 日経新聞 online. But there’s more. Installing rikaichan puts a Lookup a Word item in the Tool menu – click … [ Read more ]

http://spencer.blackmarket.net Dictionary

Do you want a japanese english online dictionary or to lookup kanji?
# dictionary – lookup japanese or lookup english words, translations between both.
# kanji – lookup kanji by radicals and sub-radicals and search for the japanese word using that kanji
# custom dictionary – save english or japanese words into a private dictionary for later use
# useful phrases – a set of useful japanese … [ Read more ]


This site is incredibly useful – just paste a URL or selected Japanese text, hit Go and you will see your page or text reproduced but with a twist – when you mouse over a word you will see a definition and readings for that word.

Note: POPjisyo.com offers more or less the same thing and is, apparently, an imitator of this site. You can’t go … [ Read more ]


This is a great site! Enter the address of a webpage which has Japanese encoding into the URL box. In the Dictionary next to that, choose the type of translation you want to perform and hit GO. Now the new page will show pop-ups in English of the meanings of the words as you pass your mouse over them. Similar to Rikai.com – but maybe … [ Read more ]

Reading Tutor

The Reading Tutor was designed to help JFL/JSL learners improve their reading skills in Japanese. This system was developed specifically to help learners study written Japanese at their own pace, in their own way.

Here’s what is in the toolbox to help you start reading Japanese or improve the skills you already have.

Dictionary Tool:
– Japanese-Japanese Dictionary Tool
Just click … [ Read more ]

Eijiro on the Web (ALC)

According to several of my Japanese friends, this is the best online dictionary available. That said, it is far more useful to native speakers than non-native speakers. Still, this is a great “secondary” source to help when your primary source (e.g. WWWJDIC) leaves you unsure. Another strength is its sample sentences which really help figure out if a word is appropriate for your intended use. … [ Read more ]

Petit Kanji’s Bookmarklets

A bookmarklet is a tool you add to your browser nav bar to do some task. In this case, there are two bookmarklets, which are easy to install and will add two small buttons on your links toolbar. Both allow you to do dictionary lookups directly from the page you are on instead of having to open a separate online dictionary page (you do the … [ Read more ]


This online dictionary site offers Chinesse, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian in addition to Japanese. Unfortunately, the E-J and the J-E pages are separate right now but otherwise it seems to work fast and offers sample sentences where available.

Which Japanese-English Character Dictionary Can Best Meet Your Kanji-Learning Needs?

For Japanese As a Second Language (JSL) learners, a Japanese-English character dictionary is much more than a reference tool: It is also the most comprehensive self-instructional tool available for learning new kanji and vocabulary. JSL learners in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s relied on the “grandfather” of modern Japanese-English character dictionaries, Andrew Nelson’s The Modern Reader’s Japanese-English Character Dictionary, (1962). Owing to the appearance during … [ Read more ]

jeKai Japanese-English dictionary project

English speakers who study or use Japanese acutely aware of the lack of good, comprehensive Japanese-English dictionaries. The best paper dictionaries either are intended for native speakers of Japanese or list only words written in kanji. Free online dictionaries such as EDICT and Eijiro offer a good alternative, but because they provide only word equivalents, not explanations, their usefulness is limited.

In May 2000, a … [ Read more ]

Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC Dictionary Server

This site is an absolute god-send for those studying Japanese! I live by it. Use it as a simple dictionary or use its much more advanced features which include:
– Translate (great for inputting an entire email sent to you in Japanese for example)
– Find Kanji (multiple methods)
– Handwritten Interface
– Mobile phone access
– Check out … [ Read more ]

Jeffrey’s Japanese⇔English Dictionary Server

This has similar functionality as Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC (uses the same underlying dictionary files). I’m not entirely sure of the differences but I think they are mainly just cosmetic so you can decide which you are more comfortable using. Someone correct me if there are in fact major functional differnces.

Lycos Online Electronic Dictionary

Typical features of a denshi-jisho (wa-ei, ei-wa, kanji, etc.) but accessible online. You can also add the dictionary functionality directly to your browser.

Note: this site is in Japanese