This link is dead. I am keeping this original listing just for reference.

Another reason to migrate to Firefox – rikaichan, from Polarcloud.com , is a Firefox extension that displays a popup showing the English definition of Japanese words as your cursor passes over them. Enabled/disabled with a simple right mouse-click rikaichan is the perfect companion when you browse the 新聞、朝日新聞 or 日経新聞 online. But there’s more. Installing rikaichan puts a Lookup a Word item in the Tool menu – click it and a dictionary search box appears in your browser navbar. Sweet. rikaichan was based on Todd Rudick’s excellent RikaiXUL, but is faster and easier to use. It uses the EDICT and KANJIDICT dictionaries. [courtesy of Nihongojouzu.com]

Editor’s Note: I LOVE this tool – it’s more convenient than going to PopJisyo or Rikai.com and I have actually found it to be more robust in some ways…

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