Lorenzi’s Jisho

Lorenzi’s Jisho is a new Japanese learners’ dictionary based on JMDict, the Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary File that many other Japanese-English dictionaries, including the mighty Jisho, are based on. Lorenzi’s Jisho has many similar functions to Jisho, such as an extensive range of lookup options, including English, Japanese, romaji, kanji, and many more.

Lorenzi’s Jisho also has some handy bonus features, like pitch accent information and a very detailed kanji information page. It even displays statistics that give you an idea of how common words and kanji are in Japanese anime, drama, and news sources. If you create an account, you can create word lists to study from. Members of the community also post their own study lists, which you can export into anki to review at your leisure. [Tofugu Annotation]

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