Japanese Lessons with Mom & Daughter

Are you studying JLPT N2 grammar and looking for something new? If so, we have a YouTube channel you may be interested in. Although “Japanese Lessons with Mom & Daughter” has only been out for five months, they already have dozens of videos, all on the topic of N2 grammar. In these clips, a mother with seventeen years of Japanese language teaching experience and her eight-year-old daughter work together to teach various grammar structures.

Most of their videos are about five minutes long and focus on one grammar point. In each video, the mother explains the grammar structure in a clear and thorough way and the daughter acts out scenes that use the grammar. The example sentences are shown on the screen for you to read. The sentences, as well as the videos in general, use very little English, which is good for those who are intermediate to advanced speakers. This resource is most beneficial to those who are studying for the N2 but could also be good review for the N1 or a challenge for N3 learners. [Tofugu annotation]

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