Lorenzi’s Jisho

Lorenzi’s Jisho is a new Japanese learners’ dictionary based on JMDict, the Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary File that many other Japanese-English dictionaries, including the mighty Jisho, are based on. Lorenzi’s Jisho has many similar functions to Jisho, such as an extensive range of lookup options, including English, Japanese, romaji, kanji, and many more.

Lorenzi’s Jisho also has some handy bonus features, like pitch accent information and a … [ Read more ]

Kanji Converter

Kanji Converter is an interesting online tool that lets you paste Japanese text to convert. Well, there are other options for that, but where this one differs is that you can toggle different display options on and off. For example, you can show furigana or romaji and English translations. You can highlight all the words by part of speech (nouns, adjectives, particles, etc.). Clicking on … [ Read more ]

Furigana Toggle (Firefox Addon)

This addon will let you toggle furigana on pages that have it embedded. That is of only limited use as a lot of sites in Japanese won’t have furigana embedded. Generally speaking, IPA furigana (Firefox, Chrome), which adds furigana to pages that don’t already have it supported, would be the better alternative but that only allows you to toggle the furigana on and … [ Read more ]

IPA furigana (Firefox Addon)

This is a port of the useful and popular Chrome extension for Firefox. It looks up the readings for kanji words and inserts them as furigana.

IPA furigana (Chrome Extension)

A browser extension allowing the injection of phonetic annotations for Japanese text (furigana) on the fly. Uses the IPADIC Japanese dictionary.

  • Works locally in your browser – no external server required
  • Automatically detects pages where furigana insertion is possible
  • Can switch between displaying the readings as hiragana, katakana or romaji
  • Persistent mode – extension will add furigana to all pages automatically until turned off
  • Customizable

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Rikaikun (Chrome Extension)

Rikaikun is a port of the popular Rikaichan Firefox browser addon (now supplanted by Rikaichamp) for Chrome. Install it and you can easily translate Japanese by hovering over words (they’ll be translated in a pop up). If you hit shift/enter, you’ll see some information about the first Kanji.

Rikaichamp (Firefox Addon)

If you’ve been around a while you may remember the fantastic Rikaichan browser extension. That is no longer supported but this is a successor to it. Install this if you use Firefox to look up Japanese words with the hover of a mouse.

After enabling the add-on from the toolbar (or press Alt+R) simply hover over Japanese text and a popup displays corresponding dictionary definitions. Use … [ Read more ]

Kata (片) — Japanese Text Segmentation Android App

Kata is a Japanese reader for Android that auto segregates Japanese text (kanji, katakana, hiragana) on your phone and gets the translation while showing furigana above kanji. It is free with no ads.

I haven’t played with this a lot, but it seems like a great tool for three things.

  1. You can read NHK news (easy or regular) directly in the app. All kanji already have

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Mazii is a Japanese dictionary and translation tool available online or via app. which support camera (app), voice, and handwriting input. Features include:

  • Look up vocabulary in Japanese, English, romaji, hiragana
  • Online pronunciation, transliteration with kanji, romaji and hiragana
  • Separate Japanese sentences, translate Japanese into English or English into Japanese
  • Look up Japanese grammar
  • Look up kanji, full of information about kanji including meaning, how

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Kanshudo is the fastest and most enjoyable way to learn and remember the Japanese kanji and written Japanese generally. Whatever your current level of Japanese ability, Kanshudo will help you improve, with assessment tools such as our unique visualization of your kanji ability, the Kanji Wheel, games such as Kanji Match and Word Match, the Kanji Quiz, fun and engaging Beginner lessons and Intermediate lessons, … [ Read more ]

“What I Use To Study Japanese” – Jonathan Kirk from Kanshudo

In this series, Tofugu asks learners what Japanese learning resources and methods they use to study and why. Today, we talk to Jonathan Kirk, the guy who made the popular kanji learning app, *Kanshudo*. Jonathan focused on building up his reading skill first (which led him to create his kanji learning system). So if you want to boost your Japanese reading ability, pay attention.

Editor’s Note: … [ Read more ]

Kanji My Blog

This site provides a widget that you can use to include a random kanji in your blog (or any website).


Japanize is a Firefox plugin which translates popular English websites into Japanese. [Hat tip to Nihongojouzu.com]


KingKanji is an award winning Japanese / kanji flashcard program that emphasizes writing as well as reading. It includes stroke animation and automatic feedback for over 1,200 characters including first through sixth grade Joyo kanji and kana. A flashcard may contain single or multiple kanji and kana along with the English meaning. Over 294 lessons are included and additional kanji lessons can be created using … [ Read more ]

Japanese Text

Jonathon Delacour offers a blog post on reading/writing Japanese with various computer systems and with Movable Type blog software.

The Tanaka Corpus

The Tanaka Corpus consists of roughly 180,000 parallel Japanese-English sentences and is the basis of the example sentences found in the WWWJDIC dictionary server. It is freely available at this site for you to use in any projects you may wish.

The Super Dictionary

Peter Rivard has written an article about setting up a PDA to be a super dictionary.