Kanshudo is the fastest and most enjoyable way to learn and remember the Japanese kanji and written Japanese generally. Whatever your current level of Japanese ability, Kanshudo will help you improve, with assessment tools such as our unique visualization of your kanji ability, the Kanji Wheel, games such as Kanji Match and Word Match, the Kanji Quiz, fun and engaging Beginner lessons and Intermediate lessons, and free online flashcards.
Kanshudo uses a combination of proven learning concepts, and learns from your interactions with the site what to help you focus on, providing you with intelligent study recommendations.

Kanshudo was founded by Jonathan Kirk, a Cambridge-educated entrepreneur with a lifelong love of Japan and Japanese. You can read more about his study tips and resources at Tofugu.

>Editor’s Note>: This resource is new to me, though it seems to have been around for years and is very comprehensive. I am especially drawn to it’s use of mnemonics, especially in the presentation of a kanji’s meaning when you search on the site. Strangely, however, there does not appear to be any mobile apps available.

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