Mazii is a Japanese dictionary and translation tool available online or via app. which support camera (app), voice, and handwriting input. Features include:

  • Look up vocabulary in Japanese, English, romaji, hiragana
  • Online pronunciation, transliteration with kanji, romaji and hiragana
  • Separate Japanese sentences, translate Japanese into English or English into Japanese
  • Look up Japanese grammar
  • Look up kanji, full of information about kanji including meaning, how to read onyomi, how to read kunyomi and example kanji
  • Learn to write kanji, show how to write a Kanji
  • Synthesis of JLPT N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, kanji, vocabulary and grammar
  • Practice reading newspapers: with selected articles every day, using the same fast translation feature to help you read Japanese newspapers more easily
  • Notebook marks and organizes your vocabulary effectively
  • Practice flashcard, vocabulary practice, kanji by flashcard method to make remembering simpler
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