Excel@Japanese is a new way to learn vocabulary and Kanji quickly to prepare you for all levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or general reading fluency. Download the Excel@Japanese spreadsheet to learn up to 7000 Japanese words and their Kanji.

* Covers all Kanji vocabulary words from all JLPT levels. We will be adding all JLPT non-Kanji vocabulary shortly.
* Simple to use. Just press “Start Test” for randomized flashcards.
* Checks pronunciation entered in hiragana or virtually any Romanization system including Hepburn and Kunrei-shiki.
* Sophisticated knowledge fading model tests you frequently on words that provide you the most trouble without wasting your time by constantly reviewing words you know well.
* Great for beginner through advanced students since it progresses in JLPT order.
* Automatically displays your progress over time in Excel charts

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