“JapaneseLearning.com came on line March 10, 2003. Before that time it was a little site I created in April 2002 during my last year of University called: Aaron Jones’ Japanese Learning Web. Now that I am done University I felt that I should expand and develop this site. So I then registered the name JapaneseLearning.com and started to redevelop the site. My goal behind this site is to create a free resource for Japanese Learning. My Degree is in Pacific and Asian Studies with Japan and the Japanese Language as my major focus for this degree. Right now the site is sponsor driven and I would like it to keep it that way, so please support the adds on this site and purchase your Amazon.com items, other items through the links and the storee on the site. I currently live in Japan and because I am here I can now give good and accurate content to the users of JapaneseLearning.com
Thank you for visiting the site and come back often!”

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