KanjiGymLight is a Java based application for reviewing the 2042 kanji introduced in Jim Heisig’s book Remembering the Kanji. It is designed to aid in kanji review via either 56 pre-set lessons or using the Heisig numbers. KanjiGymLight comes in a laptop/PC and a Palm version, needs the Java Runtime Environment and all you need do is register to download it.

The interface is straightforward – the Heisig keyword is given and a blank pallet enables you to write the kanji using a mouse or touchpad. Click the “Check” button and the kanji itself appears – compare it with what you wrote on the pallet and then mark yourself correct or not. A “Note” button allows you to add comments – for example you can write your particular story for that kanji – and saves automatically on quitting. Click the “Stroke order” button and see the kanji drawn as a small animation.

KanjiGymLight is the perfect companion to Remembering the Kanji – so long as you have access to your computer you don’t need to lug around flashcards, but you will have to enter the mnemonic story for each kanji manually – hey, if all the stories, elements etc were included you wouldn’t need to buy the book! Cheaper than WriteKanji, comes in English, German and French versions, works on both PCs and Macs and put togther by Jim Heisig himself. A must have. Just add time and effort…. [courtesy of Nihongojouzu.com]

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