NHK News Web Easier

NHK News Web Easier provides content for people wishing to learn Japanese, in the form of text, voice and video.

NHK News Web is the online newspaper edited by NHK (), Japan’s public broadcasting company. News Web Easy is a version targeted at children with simpler words, kanji and sentence structures, and with furigana (仮名).

NHKEasier gathers content from News Web Easy and presents it in a way optimized for language learners:

  • partially (show on mouse hover) or fully disable furigana
  • quick access to translations of words and expressions
  • voice and video served by HTML5 (no Flash player needed)
  • valid RSS feed to use in your news aggregator

Regarding the translations, NHKEasier relies on the EDICT Dictionary File and serves a subset optimized for each page.

Editor’s Note: If you have an Android phone, check out Kata as an even nicer alternative.

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