OCha No Kanji

OCha No Kanji is a free, simple software designed to map your knowledge of kanji. This software runs under MS Excel 2000 and above. There are currently three levels : 4 kyuu (80 kanji), 3 kyuu (245 kanji) and 2 kyuu (985 kanji) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

You can test up to 40 kanji at a time. The test consists in asking the pronunciations of each kanji in a few words of the JLPT list. You will learn all the pronunciations you need and only the pronunciations you need !

After testing, the software updates the colors of the kanji in the ‘All Kanji’ table:
– Red means that the pronunciations tested were all incorrect.
– Blue means that some were correct some were incorrect.
– Green means that they were all correct.

The important point of the software is that the ‘green kanji’ will fade progressively to an almost white color, simulating your forgetting process. The more often you test a kanji and get all pronunciations correct, the slower the green color will fade (see help for details). Therefore, the ‘All Kanji’ table really maps your memory of kanji and prompts you to keep revising.

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