1. Yomihoudai is an application to help read Japanese text.
2. Texts are culled from the Web, Sources are Acknowledged wherever possible.
3. Texts are rendered in 3 ways:
1. Hyperlinked Words: Japanese text scraped from original pages, morphanalysed and linked to Edict/Enamdict dictionaries.
2. Hardcopy: Japanese text presented as a static page, with a vocabulary at the end.
3. ChaSen Morphanalysis: The morphemes as analysed by ChaSen, with JIS analysis, and links to Edict/Enamdict.
4. We assume familiarity with ひらがな (Hiragana) and カタカナ (Katakana).

Editor’s Note: much of this site is made obsolete by tools like rikaichan, but you may find some of the articles they chose to present interesting…

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