The Bank of Japan

The central bank of Japan. Provides information about monetary policy, statistics, latest monetary news, and more.

Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

Provides general information, government policy, and network information about small and medium enterprises in Japan.

U.S. Commercial Service Japan

The U.S. Commercial Service offers customized solutions for you to make international sales and increase your business in the Japanese market. Last year, the Commercial Service worldwide helped over 9,000 U.S. businesses, most of them small and medium-sized companies, to make international sales worth over $34 billion! On this site you can find:
– webcasts
– business partner search function
– trade event info
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Japan Economic Foundation (JEF)

The Japan Economic Foundation (JEF) was established in July 1981 to deepen mutual understanding between Japan and other countries through activities aimed at promoting economic and technological exchanges.

With this goal in mind, JEF engages in a broad range of activities; it provides information about Japan and arranges opportunities to exchange ideas among opinion leaders from many countries in such fields as industry, government administration, academia … [ Read more ]

Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)

JOI aims to promote foreign direct investment from our country and expand international economic exchanges. Find research reports, seminars, publications, statistics and links.

Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association Corporate Executive)

KEIZAI DOYUKAI (Japan Association of Corporate Executives) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that was formed in 1946 by 83 far-sighted business leaders united by a common desire to contribute to the reconstruction of the Japanese economy. In the more than 50 years since then, KEIZAI DOYUKAI has solidified its leadership role in improving the Japanese economic community and in seeking solutions to numerous domestic … [ Read more ]

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Home of the TSE. Provides news, investor information, and more detailed information about investments.

Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)

Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) is a comprehensive economic organization born in May 2002 by amalgamation of Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations) and Nikkeiren (Japan Federation of Employers’ Associations). Its membership of 1,662 is comprised of 1,351 companies, 130 industrial associations, and 47 regional economic organizations (as of June 20,2006).

The mission of Nippon Keidanren is to accelerate growth of Japan’s and world economy … [ Read more ]


Established in 1958 by the Japanese government as a special public institution to implement trade policy, JETRO spent its first two decades essentially promoting exports to help build up the Japanese economy. Later, as Japan’s trade surplus grew to unprecedented levels, JETRO concentrated on helping foreign companies enter the Japanese market. In 1998, the organization substantially upgraded its research ability by merging with the Institute … [ Read more ]

Japan Internet Communications Service

JICS provides services to foreign-based companies entering and doing business in the Japanese market. This site also offers some useful information for free. Major site headings include: Market Research (info about the Japanese online market); Localization (multiple case studies focused on key issues regarding doing business and communicating with the Japanese); Advertising (offers overview of 7 different methods); Multimedia; and eBusiness (look for the downloadable … [ Read more ]

Japan: Land of the Hostile Takeover?

This article examines the new M&A wave involving foreign investors in Japan. Makes some interesting predictions and offers some useful statistics and analysis. We’ll see how it unfolds going forward.

From Convenience Store to Online Behemoth?

Article discusses Toshifumi Suzuki, CEO of Seven-Eleven Japan, and his plan to turn his ubiquitous stores into a center for all kinds of commerce. Also offers some interesting background info and statistics.

Unsung Hero

Fujio Masuoka says that Toshiba tried to demote him after he invented a $76 billion product. The loss was America’s gain. Will Japan make the same mistake with the next innovation?

The Keiretsu System: Cracking or Crumbling? (.pdf)

This excellent piece looks at Japan’s Keiretsu system – definitions, history, purposes, structure and future. If you don’t know much about the Keiretsu system, this is the article to read.

The Panic Spreads

You can no longer safely shrug off Japan’s economic crisis. It just might drag the world into a depression.

Darkness Before The Dawn

Strategist Michael Porter tells why Japan’s economic sun has set, and how it can rise again.

The Art and Practice of Japanese Management

“Japan’s extraordinary postwar industrial success was defined by lean production, consensus and continuous improvement. But lately it has been the country’s perceived weak points, such as lifetime employment and over-regulation, that have come to the forefront of the debate on Japanese management. But new ideas are emerging with the younger, more flexible generation of Japanese managers, which means there will still be plenty for the … [ Read more ]