25 Ways to Save Money While Traveling in Japan

Is Japan really as expensive as people say it is? Ashley Thompson has discovered many ways to save money, both as a resident and as a traveler. Some are fairly standard, but others were learned through trial and error.

Anna’s Japan Guide

A large collection of articles about Japan, forums, a friends/penpal system, travel tips and links, photos, a blog, a Q&A feature and I think more…

Yahoo!路線情報 (rosen jyouhou)

This feature, found on the main page of the Yahoo! Japan site is great for finding out route and time information. It was recommended to me by my Japanese businessman friend. He claims it is the most reliable and comprehensive site for this type of functionality. Basically, you just enter the starting and ending stations and then select from options, including: departure date, departure time, … [ Read more ]

Tokyo’s ‘manga’ cafes serve a restless generation

Whether they be 200-year-old teahouses or modern-day coffee shops, “kissaten” (traditional cafes) hold a special place in Japan’s national psyche. The latest incarnation of this noble trend, “manga kissa,” play host to a round-the-clock procession of no-nonsense businessmen, bashful teenage couples, students and parents who can leave the kids at the on-site nursery and indulge in a quick fix of manga and mocha or even … [ Read more ]

Consular Information Sheet – Japan

Extensive information for anyone wishing to visit Japan from the U.S.

Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau

Provides overall information about Nagoya, including introduction of the city, tourism, events, and more.

Teito Rapid Transit Authority (TRTA)

Essential information about the train system in the Tokyo area. Provides general information and destination guides, fares, and a network map.

Japanese Railways Page

Provides basic and useful information about railway systems in Japan. Railway maps are included.

japan-guide.com: Transportation

Provides overall information about Japanese transportation systems such as railways, airlines, the bullet train, cars, and buses.

Japan Customs

Provides information for import and export clearance procedures, custom procedures for visitors, and more.

The Quirky Japan Homepage

Information about interesting and unusual places, designed for people who want to get off the beaten track.

Yes! Tokyo – Tokyo Convention & Bureau

Provides updated news about Tokyo and tourist information, including travel tips, places to go, transportation and more.

Welcome to Osaka

A natural first stop for information on Osaka…

Fukuoka Introduction

Topics include:
# Useful Information
# Geography
# History
# Principal Institution
# Sightseeing Points
# Lodging
# Transportation
# food

Sapporo Snow Festival

Information about this event held since 1950 in Sapporo, Japan. Features drawings and descriptions of snow statues and ice sculptures appearing at the festival, which takes place in early February. Also includes brief instructions for building a snow statue, background information about the festival, and tourist information for Sapporo. In English and Japanese.

The Japanese Garden

This site features interactive tours of gardens in or near Kyoto, Japan, most of which are located at Zen Buddhist monasteries. The site provides “the visitor with an opportunity to visit each garden, to move through or around it, to experience it through the medium of high-quality color images, and to learn something of its history.” Provides general information about Japanese gardens, a bibliography, and … [ Read more ]

The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go

Japan is the one of the most expensive countries on earth. In response to many questions that I keep hearing over and over (and over…) from people I meet and Usenet Newbies, I’ve created a list of answers to some of the most common questions regarding visiting and living in Japan. Up to now there have been mountains of books from ivory-tower academics praising Japan … [ Read more ]

Gaijin House

If you plan to stay in Japan for an extended period, specifically too long for a hotel but not long enough to justify signing a real lease on an apartment, this site may have something for you. I think the selection is limited and is only for the Tokyo area but it might be useful…

Japan National Tourist Organization

A travel guide to Japan that has facts such as climate, geography, population, and language, and essential information about business hours, customs, national holidays, getting around, eating out, places to stay, things to do, regional travel plans, and tourist guides. The tourist guides details hundreds of tourist sites divided by regions. Additionally, there is a searchable map, related links, and the weather. Also available in … [ Read more ]