The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go

Japan is the one of the most expensive countries on earth. In response to many questions that I keep hearing over and over (and over…) from people I meet and Usenet Newbies, I’ve created a list of answers to some of the most common questions regarding visiting and living in Japan. Up to now there have been mountains of books from ivory-tower academics praising Japan to the skies, and web sites about places to see, etc. but no real source of information on getting by here. The information here is current as of June 2001 but be aware that prices, regulations, exchange rates, etc. are always subject to change. Also be warned that while most procedures presented here are immutable, in some situations things may be decided on a case-by-case basis. I have divided the information into the following sections:

* The Flight Over, Immigration/Customs, and Visa Procedures
* Finding an Apartment and Getting Utilities

* Banking and Finance
* Health Insurance
* Mail
* Cars and Transport

* Customs and Going Home
* Tips, Links, and Feedback

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