Hello Tokyo – Puzzles of Daily Life

An orientation for new residents of Tokyo.

In 11 minutes, you will discover how to: summon a waiter; apologise for running into … all » someone; say a simple thank you; choose and use a phrasebook; decipher Italian, French, other western menus; take advantage of plastic food displays; prepare quick meals with instant food and deli items; read 6 key kanji on food packages; save money by buying Japanese goods; puzzle out cleaning products; shop for American and European foods; satisfy your midnight-snack cravings; pay your utility bills; combine shopping and entertainment at a 100 yen store; see four movies for the price of 1; tell whether a movie is subtitled or dubbed in Japanese; find English language books and magazines; love your train station; buy a train or subway ticket; use a Passnet card to transfer from subways to trains; what to do when the wicket chimes; read a Tokyo address.

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