Japan Information Network

A thorough set of links on all aspects of Japan. Featured resources include:
– NIPPONIA, a quarterly magazine introducing contemporary Japanese culture and society to people all over the world
– Trends in Japan, short, engaging dispatches on the latest trends in Japanese business and economy; science and education; society; sports; and fashion, arts, and entertainment.
– Japan Access, concise introductions of typical topics related to themes such as Japanese geography, economy and culture.
– Japan Atlas, easy access to the unique features of Japan (Historic Sites, Festivals, Architecture, Nature, Traditional Crafts, Advanced Technology and Communities)
– The Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts
– Japan Insight, offering a deeper understanding of Japan through in-depth articles on Japan’s trends, its aging society, the changing job scene and the growing problem of urbanization.
– Statistics, offering most everything you could want to find!
– Japan Directory, offering contact information for government-affiliated bodies, nongovernmental organizations and more. Links to administration, industry, media, society, culture and education.
– Regions & Cities, offering a virtual tour of Japan by accessing information resources and Web sites of Japan’s prefectures and major cities
– The Japan of Today, offering info about present day Japan with this online databank covering Japan’s government, economy, science and technology, society and culture
– more…

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