Japanese Podcast for Beginners (Nihongo con Teppei)

Nihongo Con Teppei For Beginners is a Japanese language podcast. Each episode is about four minutes long, and the content is in Japanese only. This is because the host, Teppei, believes in improving language comprehension skills through listening to podcasts spoken in the original language.

Teppei focuses on one topic in each episode, and tries to use the key word or related vocabulary repeatedly so that the learners eventually become used to the terms as they listen.

His speaking is very clear and reasonably slow-paced. He pays attention to the difficulty level of the language he uses so that beginners can understand without the aid of transcripts or translations. But he also suggests you shouldn’t worry too much if you can’t understand everything at first. The aim of this podcast is for listeners to gradually get used to the speed and his way of speaking, while learning something interesting.

[Tofugu annotation]

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