JLPT Stories

JLPT Stories is a new podcast and companion site based in Shinjuku that provides stories in Japanese, labeled with their intended JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) level. Each three to four minute story is written and read by a native Japanese speaker at normal speed.

On the website, JLPT Stories provides Japanese transcripts for the stories, with grammar points relating to each story’s JLPT level highlighted in bold. Under the transcript, each grammar point is linked to a free online resource with an English explanation. This includes sites ranging in quality and reliability, from Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese Test 4 You. Below that is a rough English translation.

The stories are meant to prepare you for the listening, grammar, and vocabulary sections of the JLPT by introducing a small number of new concepts at your level.

[Kristen Dexter and Michael Richey annotation]
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