Petit Kanji

This site lets you study Japanese, and especially kanji, while singing along to your favorite songs and practicing for your next karaoke!

The targeted audience being very specific, it’s not likely that this site will appeal to many people. Actually I made it for myself only, but hopefully it may also be helpful or interesting to others. 🙂

If :
– you are learning Japanese
– you can manage reading hiragana and katakana
– you like 90’s Japanese club pop music (Pizzicato Five, …)

… then this site might just be just fine for you!

This site uses high technology to provide features seen almost nowhere else on the Web! In the contents section, “Ruby” (small hiragana that indicates pronounciation of kanji) is displayed on every kanji in order to help you recognize and learn kanji more easily.

Plus, every kanji on this site is clickable! Clicking any kanji will bring up a window showing information about the kanji itself and also corresponding dictionary matches. As you learn kanji, you can tell the site (through the kanji look-up window) which kanji you know and ruby won’t be shown for that kanji anymore! That way you can learn kanji at your own pace and discover new kanji as you sing along.

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