Satori Reader

Satori Reader provides carefully curated, intermediate level content with which to practice and grow. With thoughtfully annotated articles spanning a variety of interesting subject matter and a unique system that presents content in a manner appropriate to your knowledge, it bridges the gap between the controlled, textbook Japanese that most students start with and the wide-open world of real-life, native communication. Each article is carefully annotated, linking every word to a dictionary entry showing the exact sense being used in the current context.  You’ll also see how each conjugated word relates to its dictionary form. Additional notes provide deeper explanation for multi-word expressions and tricky constructions. Editors try hard to anticipate what might be confusing to an intermediate student and proactively explain things. Finally, translations on every sentence help you to double-check that you’ve understood things correctly, and per-sentence recordings let you practice your listening.

Pricing: Some articles are free but to get the rest you can pay $9 per month or $89 per  year.

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