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Kanji Information Sheet for 何  ( PDF version of this Kanji PDF version )

stroke order illustration  
Bushu (Radical) Info:
人 (ひと) – person
化 (カ, ケ, ば.ける, ば.かす, ふ.ける, け.する) – change; take the form of; influence; enchant; delude; -ization
个 (カ , コ, こ, ひ) – counter for articles; individual
Henshall Mnemonic: what exactly can a person say?
Levels: JLPT N5 | JLPT 4 (old) | Grade 2
Frequency: #340 of the 2500 most used kanji in newspapers

Common Words and/or Phrases Using this Kanji:

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JLPT N5 Words

  •   [なに]
    (int,n) what   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [なん]
    (int,n) what   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • れ   [どれ]
    (n) (uk) well; now; let me see; which (of three or more)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [なぜ]
    (adv) (uk) why; how   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [いつ]
    (n-adv) (uk) when; how soon   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • も   [いつも]
    (adv,n) (1) (uk) always; usually; every time; (2) never (with neg. verb)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どこ]
    (n) (uk) where; what place   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どちら]
    (n) (uk) which (of two); who   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どっち]
    (n) (uk) which way; which one   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どなた]
    (n) (uk) who?   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [いかが]
    (adj-na,adv,n) how; in what way   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どう]
    (adv) (uk) how; in what way; how about   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • して   [どうして]
    (adv,int) (uk) why?; for what reason; how; in what way; for what purpose; what for   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N3 Words

  • か   [なにか]
    (exp) something   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • で   [なんで]
    (adv) Why?; What for?   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • でも   [なんでも]
    (adv,exp) by all means; everything   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • とか   [なんとか]
    (adv,exp,n) somehow; anyhow; one way or another   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • も   [なにも]
    (adv,exp) nothing   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • なら   [なぜなら]
    (conj) (uk) because   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • でも   [いつでも]
    (adv) (1) (uk) (at) any time; always; at all times; (2) never (with negative verb); (3) whenever   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • までも   [いつまでも]
    (adv) (uk) forever; for good; eternally; as long as one likes; indefinitely   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • か   [どこか]
    (adv,exp,n) (uk) somewhere; anywhere; in some respects   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • しても   [どうしても]
    (adv) (uk) by all means; at any cost; no matter what; after all; in the long run; cravingly; at any rate; surely   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N2 Words

  • しろ   [なにしろ]
    (adv,conj) at any rate; anyhow; anyway; in any case   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • となく   [なんとなく]
    (adv) somehow or other; for some reason or another   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N1 Words

    Other Popular Words Not Classified by JLPT

    • かと   [なにかと]
      (adv) one way or another   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [きか]
      (n) geometry   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [きかがく]
      (n) geometry   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • にも   [なににも]
      (n,int) everything; all   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • やら   [なにやら]
      (adv) something; for some reason   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • ら   [なんら]
      (adv,n) (1) whatever; what; what sort of; any kind of; (2) nothing whatever (with neg. verb)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [どれどれ]
      which (emphatic)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なんかい]
      (n) how many times?   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • く   [なにげなく]
      unintentionally; calmly; inadvertently; innocently   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なにゆえ]
      (adv) (uk) why; how   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • か   [なぜか]
      (adv) somehow; for some reason; without knowing why   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • ならば   [なぜならば]
      (conj) (uk) because; for; the reason why is ..   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なにごと]
      (n) (1) what; something; everything; (2) nothing (with neg. verb)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [いつごろ]
      (n-t) about when; how soon   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なにもの]
      (n) who; what kind of person   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なんじゅう]
      several tens   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なんびと]
      (n) everyone; every person; all   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なんぜん]
      many thousands   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なんど]
      (n) how many times?; how often?   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なんびゃく]
      hundreds   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [なんべん]
      how many times; how often   [K] [D] [Jisho]
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