The Ultimate Guide To: は vs が (The ONLY lesson you need!)

This forty minute video by YouTuber Misa from Japanese Ammo might be one of the only resources titled “ultimate” and “the only lesson you need” that I actually believe. Misa breaks down the particles and and explains the differences in depth with multiple examples and on-screen text and translations.

and can be a major struggle for English speakers learning Japanese. If you don’t learn the nuances right away, you can spend a long time confusing the two. And misusing them will make you sound non-native 100% of the time. But Misa’s video trumps all other resources that we’ve found. It’s like taking Jay Rubin’s previously #1 explanation from Making Sense of Japanese and putting a younger, more approachable/conversational spin on it.

[Annotation by Kristen Dexter | Tofugu]

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