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  • Grammar a Day mailing list (in partnership with
  • Kanji a Day mailing list
  • Class / Textbook Notes - notes from various courses I've taken and their respective textbooks
  • Random Kanji tool - developed as a complement to the Kanji a Day service, use this page to display a random Kanji character with readings, meaning, stroke order diagram and associated words
  • JPOP tunes and their lyrics - a small, but varied selection of songs with their lyrics to aid your studies; most are slow enough and clear enough that you can actually understand the words being sung (note: requires free registration)
  • Original articles (e.g., choosing an electronic dictionary, studying Japanese using a PDA, etc.)
  • Slideshow of pictures of Japan

About this site
Are you studying Japanese, thinking of visiting Japan, interested in Japanese culture, people, products, etc.? If so, this site is for you. My name is Jeff Blum and I have been attempting to learn Japanese, off and on, for many years (my progress is very slow). During my studies (both independent and class-based) I have assembled notes summarizing key grammar constructs, word usage nuance, aspects of the language that regularly trip me up, etc. In fact, the name for this site (besides being, well, "welcoming") came from my desire to post my summary notes for the popular Yookoso! textbooks.

I have also assembled a huge collection of links to the best sites on the Internet. All of these (well, actually I still haven't posted many of them yet), plus some of my favorite JPOP tunes and their lyrics I share with you here. If you have any feedback to offer, or especially if you want to contribute notes of your own or articles you have written, please do so at

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