JLPT Stories

JLPT Stories is a new podcast and companion site based in Shinjuku that provides stories in Japanese, labeled with their intended JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) level. Each three to four minute story is written and read by a native Japanese speaker at normal speed.

On the website, JLPT Stories provides Japanese transcripts for the stories, with grammar points relating to each story’s JLPT level highlighted … [ Read more ]

JLPT Level N3 Kanji

Sample sentences covering the JLPT N3 level kanji.

JLPT Level N4 Kanji

Sample sentences covering the JLPT N4 level kanji.

JLPT Level N5 Kanji

Sample sentences covering the JLPT N5 level kanji.

Drill the Kanji – JLPT Kanji Review Tool

A java-based tool to review/drill the JLPT kanji by level (well, at least levels 2,3,4). Test on-yomi, kun-yomi, or meanings (english-japanese or japanese-english).

MLC Meguro Language Center – Free Material

Meguro Language Center offers some examples of their original teaching materials here, mostly in Flash or PDF format. Materials are separated into flash, beginner, low-intermediate, high-intermediate, intermediate and advanced, JETRO Test, and JLPT. The JLPT materials are especially useful, containing requirments, kanji lists, vocabulary lists and grammar points covered.

JLPT Level 4 Vocabulary Quiz

The quiz is based on 727 words of vocab from the JLPT Level 4 Vocabulary List put together by Peter van der Woude (though keep in mind that there are no official JLPT lists of vocabulary). [hat tip to Nihongojouzu.com]

JLPT Communication Square

The Japan Foundation has put together this site for those interested in the JLPT. Includes general information about the test and statisitcal numbers for past exams (including how many people took it, how many passed, numbers by location, etc.). It also offers downloadable .pdf files with sample questions (by level).

JLPT Vocabulary Lists

This page lists the complete JLPT vocabulary lists in UTF-8 format, as printed in the official specification book (Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Test Content Specification, The Japan Foundation and Association of International Eduation, 1994-1997).

The JLPT Study Page

The JLPT Study Page, brought to you by Peter van der Woude, offers useful study materials for JLPT Levels N2 to N5. Peter has typed out past exams, translated sentences and created some basic learning materials, such as quizzes, to help check if you’re on the right track.

Editor’s Note: there is nothing for N1 and N2 and N3 have far fewer materials than N4 and … [ Read more ]

Japanese Language Proficiency Test Resources

Jonathan Waller put together some useful resources to help him study for the JLPT exam and offers them for download on this site. Included are vocabulary and kanji lists for each level.


speedanki.com is an interactive flashcard system designed to aid in the memorization of Japanese kanji and kanji compounds for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Though designed for the JLPT, we believe this system of memorization will be useful to any students of Japanese looking to improve their Japanese reading ability. The flashcards can be viewed in kanji or hiragana form, and flipped back and forth … [ Read more ]

JLPT Kanji Project

A resource to aid the learning of Japanese Kanji. Included in this site is a listing of the full Jouyou Kanji, classified into JLPT levels, with a lookup of vocabulary for each JLPT level. Including printable kanji lists (Example list), save kanji and vocab to your folder, and kanji and vocabulary level marks to indicate JLPT level.


A site with useful materials to help your preparation for the Japanese proficiency test (Nihongo nouryoku shiken – JLPT). Includes the following JLPT sections:
– JLPT word online
– JLPT grammar (currently missing level 1)

In addition to JLPT content, the following sections also exist:
– Language exchange
– Need student? (find private students and teaching jobs in Japan)
– J-star (famous … [ Read more ]

JLPT – Level 4 Vocabulary Quizzes

This page contains a quiz covering JLPT 4 verbs. See the bottom of the page for links to quizes for JLPT level 4 adjectives, nouns and other words.

JLPT – Level 3 Vocabulary Quizzes

This page contains a quiz covering JLPT 3 verbs. See the bottom of the page for links to quizes for JLPT level 3 adjectives, nouns and other words.

JLPT – Level 2 Vocabulary Quizzes

This page contains a quiz covering JLPT 2 verbs. See the bottom of the page for links to quizes for JLPT level 2 adjectives, nouns and other words.


Get – as you would guess – a kanji-a-day with each Kanji tied to its respective JLPT level (online only). Additionally, find JLPT Kanji and vocab lists, JLPT kanji quizes, etc. The site is customizable (e.g. save a vocab list).

NOTE: free registration required