Japanese Structure vs English Structure

This is a cool diagram I found recently that compares the grammatical structure of a fairly complex sentence written in Japanese and English.

Konnichiwa Podcast

This delightful podcast is hosted by three bilingual speakers of Japanese and English—My, Dan, and Yurie. They cover a wide range of topics, including culture, current events, and travel, mixed in with anecdotes from their own lives. If you’re looking for some Japanese listening practice that is both fun and accessible, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

The podcast is decidedly bilingual, and this is … [ Read more ]

The 24 Best Japanese Dramas to Binge and Learn Japanese

Need a break from Japanese textbooks and vocabulary flashcards? Then it’s time to chill with some Japanese dramas!

J-dramas are easy to get sucked into, especially because they’re so different in format from most Western shows. And they’re a fantastic way to gain some insight into Japanese culture, language, and locales in Japan.

One nice thing about Japanese dramas? They’re usually only one season long and about … [ Read more ]

Site Redesign

I first launched this site in late 2002. I did all the programming myself and, while over the years I have made a few tweaks here and there, mostly I haven’t done much in terms of keeping up with the times. The site wasn’t mobile ready or responsive and the design was pretty sad. Well, maybe the design is still a bit sad, but at … [ Read more ]

Awesome Japanese YouTubers

The Japanese YouTube scene is more sparsely populated than its American counterpart. However, there is definitely a rising J-vlogging scene. But as with all things up and coming, sometimes it’s hard to tell where to start and find out what’s worth your time. Fortunately, I’ve found several awesome Japanese YouTubers for you.

podcasts.jp – The Japanese Podcast Directory

Looking for more listening material? Here you can browse by category or the Top 100. There are iPhone and smartphone pages as well. Page is Japanese only.


Nihonshock is a blog that offers useful and enjoyable content for Japanese language learners, foreigners living in Japan, and anyone else with an active interest in the country.

The Wide Island View

The Wide Island View is the webzine written for and by members of The JET Programme in Hiroshima, Japan. Created in November 2006, the Wide Island View began as a PDF newsletter emailed to members every two months. In June 2009, the publication moved online and now posts fresh content every week. Generally speaking, the site is updated every Monday.

In addition to news and info … [ Read more ]

YUKO-FORUM Japanisch-Forum (a German board about Japanese language learning)

YUKO-FORUM ist ein junges Forum rund ums Japanischlernen: Hier können sich Interessierte, Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene austauschen, Lerntipps und Literaturempfehlungen erhalten und Fragen stellen.

YUKO-FORUM is a german discussion board about Japanese language learning: meet other people who study Japanese, discuss learning methods and books, ask questions.


Free classifieds, forum, events, parties, and club/bar info and coupons. Focused on Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto.


“Stippy” is an association of foreigners who have lived in Japan for so long that Japan now seems home. Stippy members know Japan more than some Japanese, and they want to tell you about this country from a Gaijins point of view. This homepage will be updated frequently with insightful explanations on the different, strange, and the down right weird parts of Japan that you … [ Read more ]


A blog that covers a variety of topics about learning Japanese with an emphasis on studying with the Nintendo DS.

Joe is Japanese

Joeisjapanese is an animated series about haafu Joe McCunney’s adventures in Japan – witty, dry and based on reality if you believe the advertising. At the moment there is only a single long teaser clip on the site, but well worth a look, and the English subtitles will help beginners follow along. High production values and good writing. [courtesy of Nihongojouzu.com]

Nihon Classifieds

FREE Japan Classifieds website. Find and post jobs in Japan, personals, sayonara sales and more.

Hello Tokyo – Puzzles of Daily Life

An orientation for new residents of Tokyo.

In 11 minutes, you will discover how to: summon a waiter; apologise for running into … all » someone; say a simple thank you; choose and use a phrasebook; decipher Italian, French, other western menus; take advantage of plastic food displays; prepare quick meals with instant food and deli items; read 6 key kanji on food packages; save money … [ Read more ]


ChannelJ is a broadband Internet television station focused on Japanese politics, economy, culture. It’s available in both Japanese and English.

Lynne’s Site

This site from Lynne Fiona Donaldson is a bit dated, but offers detailed diary-like entries of her JET experience. The site also has some other articles/pages that would be useful for those planning to live or already living in Japan (e.g What to take).

Japan Newbie

A guy named Harvey’s blog about things Japan.


Topics on life of foreigners in Japan


Everything Japanese, except the Japanese language.