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Kanji Information Sheet for 動  ( PDF version of this Kanji PDF version )

stroke order illustration  
Bushu (Radical) Info: 力 (ちから) – strong
Henshall Mnemonic: strength moves heavy object
Levels: JLPT N4 | JLPT 3 (old) | Grade 3
Frequency: #73 of the 2500 most used kanji in newspapers

Common Words and/or Phrases Using this Kanji:

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JLPT N5 Words

JLPT N4 Words

  • く   [うごく]
    (v5k,vi) to move; to stir; to shift; to shake; to swing; to operate; to run; to go; to work; to be touched; to be influenced; to waver; to fluctuate; to vary; to change; to be transferred   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どうぶつえん]
    (n) zoo; zoological gardens   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N3 Words

  •   [こうどう]
    (n,vs) action; conduct; behaviour; mobilization   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [かつどう]
    (n,vs) action; activity   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • かす   [うごかす]
    (v5s,vt) to move; to shift; to set in motion; to operate; to inspire; to rouse; to influence; to mobilize; to deny; to change   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どうし]
    (n) verb   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [いどう]
    (n,vs) removal; migration; movement   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [うんどう]
    (n,vs) motion; exercise   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [じどう]
    (adj-na,n) automatic; self-motion   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [かんどう]
    (n,vs) being deeply moved emotionally; excitement; impression; deep emotion   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N2 Words

  •   [どうさ]
    (n) action; movements; motions; bearing; behaviour; manners   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N1 Words

  •   [ぼうどう]
    (n) insurrection; rebellion; revolt; riot; uprising   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [いどう]
    (n) change   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [しゅつどう]
    (n) sailing; marching; going out   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • き   [うごき]
    (n) movement; activity; trend; development; change   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どういん]
    (n,vs) mobilization   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [そうどう]
    (n) strife; riot; rebellion   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どうき]
    (n) motive; incentive   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どうこう]
    (n) trend; tendency; movement; attitude   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [ふどうさん]
    (n) real estate   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [へんどう]
    (n,vs) change; fluctuation   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どうよう]
    (n,vs) disturbance; unrest; shaking; trembling; pitching; rolling; oscillation; agitation; excitement; commotion   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どうりょく]
    (n) power; motive power; dynamic force   [K] [D] [Jisho]

Other Popular Words Not Classified by JLPT

  •   [びどう]
    (n) slight tremor or movement; a quiver   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんきょうんどう]
    participation in election campaign   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [きどう]
    (n) maneuver   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [きどうたい]
    (n) riot police   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [れんどう]
    (n) gearing; linkage   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [そうどういん]
    (n) general mobilization   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [こどう]
    (n) beat; palpitation; pulsation; throbbing   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [かつどうか]
    (n) (anti-war) activist   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [じゅどう]
    (n) passive   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [じゅどうてき]
    (adj-na) passive   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [くどう]
    (n) driving force   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんどう]
    (n,vs) agitation; abetting   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どう]
    (n) motion; change; confusion   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • じる   [どうじる]
    (v1) to be perturbed; to be agitated   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [じんじいどう]
    personnel change; personnel shift; reshuffle; (annual) staff reassignment   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • もすれば   [ややもすれば]
    (adv) being apt to; being liable to; being inclined to   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [たいどう]
    (n) quickening; foetal (fetal) movement; fomenting (trouble)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [しんどう]
    (n,vs) shock; tremor; impact   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [のうどう]
    (n) active   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どうが]
    (n) moving image   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [のうどうてき]
    (adj-na) active   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [しゃかいうんどう]
    social movement   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [どうぎ]
    (n) a motion   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [ふどう]
    (adj-na,n) immobility; firmness; fixed; steadfastness; motionless; idle   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [しょうどう]
    (n) impulse; urge   [K] [D] [Jisho]
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