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Kanji Information Sheet for 出  ( PDF version of this Kanji PDF version )

stroke order illustration  

Bushu (Radical) Info: | (ぼう) – rod
Henshall Mnemonic: mountain emerging atop another
Levels: JLPT N5 | JLPT 4 (old) | Grade 1
Frequency: #13 of the 2500 most used kanji in newspapers

Common Words and/or Phrases Using this Kanji:

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JLPT N5 Words

  • かける   [でかける]
    (v1) to depart; to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing); to set out; to start; to be going   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • す   [だす]
    (v5s) (1) to take out; to get out; (2) to put out; (3) to submit (e.g. thesis); to turn in; (4) to publish; to make public; (5) to send (e.g. letter); to start (fire)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • る   [でる]
    (v1) to appear; to come forth; to leave   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • る   [できる]
    (v1) (uk) to be able to; to be ready; to occur   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [でぐち]
    (n) exit; gateway; way out; outlet; leak; vent   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N4 Words

  • し   [ひきだし]
    (n) drawer; drawing out   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • す   [おもいだす]
    (v5s) to recall; to remember   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N3 Words

  • う   [おめでとう]
    (ateji) (int) (uk) Congratulations!; an auspicious occasion!   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [しゅっせき]
    (n,vs) attendance; presence   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [ていしゅつ]
    (n,vs) presentation; submission; filing   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [で]
    (n,n-suf) outflow; coming (going) out; graduate (of); rising (of the sun or moon); one's turn to appear on stage   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [ししゅつ]
    (n) expenditure; expenses   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • す   [とびだす]
    (v5s) to jump out; to rush out; to fly out; to appear suddenly; to protrude; to project   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [しゅっぱつ]
    (n,vs) departure   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [しゅっぱん]
    (n,vs) publication   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • い   [であい]
    (n) meeting; rendezvous; encounter   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • う   [であう]
    (v5u) to meet by chance; to come across; to happen to encounter; to hold a rendezvous; to have a date   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [がいしゅつ]
    (n,vs) outing; going out   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [おもいで]
    (n) memories; recollections; reminiscence   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • るだけ   [できるだけ]
    if at all possible   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [できごと]
    (n) incident; affair; happening; event   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [ゆしゅつ]
    (n,vs) export   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [しゅつじょう]
    (n) (stage) appearance; participation; performance   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [しゅっしん]
    (n) (1) person's origin (town, city, country, etc.); (2) institution from which one graduated; (3) director in charge of employee relations   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N2 Words

  • す   [いいだす]
    (v5s) to start talking; to speak; to tell; to propose; to suggest; to break the ice   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N1 Words

    Other Popular Words Not Classified by JLPT

    •   [しゅっせい]
      (n,vs) departure (for the front)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [けんしゅつ]
      (n,vs) detection; sense (e.g. sensor)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [とどけで]
      (n,vs) report; notification   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しゅっせきしゃ]
      those present; attendance   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • し   [たきだし]
      (n) emergency rice feeding   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • し   [おくりだし]
      (n) pushing (propelling) (one's opponent) out of the ring from behind   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • し   [たきだし]
      (n) emergency rice feeding   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [でまえ]
      (n) catering; meal delivery service   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [ないしゅっけつ]
      (n) internal bleeding; internal haemorrhage   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [はいしゅつ]
      (n) turning out in great numbers   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [せんしゅつ]
      (n) election   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しゅっそう]
      (n,vs) entry in a race   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [であし]
      (n) start; turnout   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • し   [もちだし]
      (n) an item carried out; provide money (oneself)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • す   [もちだす]
      (v5s) to take out; to carry out; to bring out from where it belongs   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [えんしゅつか]
      (n) producer; director   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • れる   [でおくれる]
      (v1) to get a late start   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • す   [ふきだす]
      (v5s) to spout; to spurt; to gush out; to burst into laughter   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しゅっちょうじょ]
      (n) branch office; agency; sub-branch   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • し   [だし]
      (n,n-suf) stock; broth; pretext; excuse; pretense; dupe; front man   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • す   [うちだす]
      (v5s) to begin; to beat; to end; to close; to set out (forth); to work out; to hammer out   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しゅってい]
      (n,vs) appearance in court   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しゅってん]
      (n) source (e.g. quotation); authority   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しゅってん]
      (n,vs) exhibit; display   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [でみせ]
      (n) food stand; branch store   [K] [D] [Jisho]
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