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stroke order illustration  
Bushu (Radical) Info: 儿 (にんにょう) – human legs
Henshall Mnemonic: those dead people preceded us in life
Levels: JLPT N5 | JLPT 4 (old) | Grade 1
Frequency: #173 of the 2500 most used kanji in newspapers

Common Words and/or Phrases Using this Kanji:

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JLPT N5 Words

  •   [さき]
    (adj-no,n,n-suf,pref) (1) previous; prior; former; (2) point (e.g. pencil); tip; end; nozzle; head (of a line); (3) destination; (4) the first priority; the future; objective; sequel; remainder; the other party   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんげつ]
    (n-adv,n-t) last month   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんしゅう]
    (n-adv,n-t) last week; the week before   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんせい]
    (n) teacher; master; doctor   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N4 Words

  •   [せんぱい]
    (n) senior (at work or school); superior; elder; older graduate; progenitor; old-timer   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N3 Words

  • ず   [まず]
    (adv) (1) first (of all); to start with; about; almost; anyway; well; now; (2) hardly (with neg. verb)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんじつ]
    (n-adv,n-t) the other day; a few days ago   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N2 Words

  •   [まっさき]
    (n) the head; the foremost; beginning   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんぞ]
    (n) ancestor   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんたん]
    (n) pointed end; tip; fine point; spearhead; cusp; vanguard; advanced; leading edge   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [さきほど]
    (n-adv,n-t) some time ago   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんとう]
    (n) head; lead; vanguard; first   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [そせん]
    (n) ancestor   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N1 Words

  •   [つとめさき]
    (n) place of work   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • だって   [せんだって]
    (n-adv,n-t) recently; the other day   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • に   [さきに]
    (adv,n) before; earlier than; ahead; beyond; away; previously; recently   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんこう]
    (n,vs) preceding; going first   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんだい]
    (n) family predecessor; previous age; previous generation   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんちゃく]
    (n) first arrival   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんてんてき]
    (adj-na,n) a priori; inborn; innate; inherent; congenital; hereditary   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [ゆうせん]
    (n,vs) preference; priority   [K] [D] [Jisho]

Other Popular Words Not Classified by JLPT

  • ペン   [ペンさき]
    (n) pen nibs   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [あてさき]
    (n) address; destination   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [のきさき]
    (n) edge of the eaves; house frontage   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [くちさき]
    (n) lips; mouth; snout; proboscis; professions; lip service; mere words   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [いきさき]
    (n) (1) destination; (2) whereabouts; address   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [さいせんたん]
    (adj-no,n) ultra-fine   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [ゆびさき]
    (n) fingertip   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [はるさき]
    (n-adv,n-t) beginning of spring   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [こてさき]
    (n) (superficial) cleverness   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [はさき]
    (n) edge of blade   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • 々   [さきざき]
    (n-adv,n-t) (1) distant future; inevitable future; (2) places one goes to   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [さきやす]
    (n) lower future quotations   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんく]
    (n) (1) forerunner; pioneer; outrider; precursor; (2) herald; (3) pilot car   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • け   [さきがけ]
    (n) charging ahead of others; the first to charge; pioneer; forerunner; harbinger   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • ける   [さきがける]
    (v1) to be the first   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんけつ]
    (n) previous decision   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんけん]
    (n) foresight; anticipation   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんけん]
    (n,vs) sending ahead   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • き   [さきいき]
    (n) the future   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [さきごろ]
    (n-adv,n-t) recently; the other day   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんしゅ]
    (n,vs) earning the first (runs); preoccupation   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • り   [さきどり]
    (n,vs) receiving in advance; taking before others   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんて]
    (n) (1) the first move; forestalling; initiative; (2) black player (shogi)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんじゅう]
    (n) previous priest or resident   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [せんしん]
    (n) seniority; advance; leadership   [K] [D] [Jisho]
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