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Kanji Information Sheet for 上  ( PDF version of this Kanji PDF version )

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Bushu (Radical) Info:
一 (いち) – one
卜 (ぼくのと) – divining rod
Henshall Mnemonic: bar with handle, sticking up over baseline
Levels: JLPT N5 | JLPT 4 (old) | Grade 1
Frequency: #35 of the 2500 most used kanji in newspapers

Common Words and/or Phrases Using this Kanji:

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JLPT N5 Words

  •   [うえ]
    (adj-no,n-adv,n,n-suf) above; over; on top of; up; upper part; summit; surface; far better; higher; (in) authority; as far as .. is concerned; besides; after; emperor; sovereign; upon (examination); influence of (liquor); lord; shogun; superior; my dear (father)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [じょうず]
    (adj-na,n) skill; skillful; dexterity   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [うわぎ]
    (n) coat; tunic; jacket; outer garment   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N4 Words

  •   [いじょう]
    (n-adv,n-t) more than; exceeding; greater than; this is all; over; above; and up; beyond; the above-mentioned; since; as long as; the end   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [おくじょう]
    (n) rooftop   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • げる   [さしあげる]
    (v1) (pol) to give; to hold up; to lift up; to offer   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • がる   [めしあがる]
    (v5r) (pol) to eat   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • がる   [あがる]
    (v5r) (1) to enter; to go up; to rise; to climb up; to advance; to appreciate; to be promoted; to improve; to call on; to be offered; to accrue; (2) to be finished; to go bankrupt; to be caught; to let up (rain); (3) to weaken (as a battery); (4) to get ruffled   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • げる   [あげる]
    (v1) to give; to raise; to elevate; to fly (kites); to praise; to increase; to advance; to promote; to vomit; to usher in; to admit; to send (to school); to offer; to present; to leave with; to finish; to arrange (expenses); to observe; to perform; to quote; to mention; to bear (a child); to improve (talents); to do up (the hair); to arrest; to engage; to fry; (rains) to stop   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • げる   [もうしあげる]
    (v1) to say; to tell; to state   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N3 Words

  • げる   [とりあげる]
    (v1) to take up; to pick up; to disqualify; to confiscate; to deprive   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [かみ]
    (n) top; head; upper part; upper stream; emperor; a superior; upper part of the body; the above   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [じょう]
    (n,pref,suf) (1) first volume; (2) superior quality; (3) governmental; imperial; top; best; high class; going up; presenting; showing; aboard a ship or vehicle; from the standpoint of; as a matter of (fact)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [じょうきょう]
    (n,vs) proceeding to the capital (Tokyo)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [じょうたつ]
    (n,vs) improvement; advance; progress   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [じょうとう]
    (adj-na,n) superiority; first-class; very good   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [ちょうじょう]
    (n) top; summit; peak   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  •   [としうえ]
    (n) older; senior   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • がる   [たちあがる]
    (v5r) to stand up   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N2 Words

  • その   [そのうえ]
    (conj) in addition; furthermore   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • げる   [みあげる]
    (v1) to look up at; to raise one's eyes; to admire   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • がり   [できあがり]
    (n) finish; completion; ready; made for; cut out   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • がる   [できあがる]
    (v5r) (1) to be finished; to be ready; by definition; (2) to be very drunk   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • り   [のぼり]
    (n) (1) ascent; climbing; (2) up-train (e.g. going to Tokyo)   [K] [D] [Jisho]
  • る   [のぼる]
    (v5r) (1) to rise; to ascend; to go up; to climb; (2) to go to (the capital); (3) to be promoted; (4) to add up to; (5) to advance (in price); (6) to sail up; (7) to come up (on the agenda)   [K] [D] [Jisho]

JLPT N1 Words

    Other Popular Words Not Classified by JLPT

    • がり   [やすあがり]
      (adj-na,n) economy   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • げ   [ひきあげ]
      (n) pulling up; drawing up; salvage; re-floatation; raising   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • げる   [ひきあげる]
      (io) (v1) to withdraw; to leave; to pull out; to retire   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [えんじょう]
      (n,vs) blazing up; (building) destruction by fire   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [かいじょう]
      (n) maritime   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [かいじょうじえいたい]
      Maritime Self Defense Forces   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [かいじょうほあんちょう]
      Maritime Safety Agency   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • げ   [かくあげ]
      (n) status elevation   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [きじょう]
      (n) on the desk; theoretical   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • がる   [おきあがる]
      (v5r) to rise; to erect; to get up   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • せる   [のぼせる]
      (v1) to feel dizzy; to have blood rush to one's head; to become conceited   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [ごくじょう]
      (adj-na,n) first-rate; finest quality; the best   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • げ   [くりあげ]
      (n) upward move; advance   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • げる   [くりあげる]
      (v1) to move up; to advance   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [けいじょう]
      (n,vs) appropriation; summing up   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [けんじょう]
      (n,vs) presenting to   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [こうじょう]
      (n) vocal message; speech   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [さいじょう]
      (adj-na,n) best   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • げる   [つくりあげる]
      (v1) to make up; to fabricate; to build up; to complete; to construct   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しじょう]
      (adj-no,n-adv,n-t) historical   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    • がる   [おもいあがる]
      (v5r) to be conceited   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しじょう]
      (n) on paper; in the newspapers; in a letter   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しじょう]
      (n) supremacy   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [しじょう]
      (n) in a magazine   [K] [D] [Jisho]
    •   [じじつじょう]
      (n,adj-no) (as a) matter of fact; actually; in reality   [K] [D] [Jisho]
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